World Chess Championship 2014 - Magnus Carlsen the Champion

Magnus Carlsen retains his World Champion title on the consecutive second time (2013 and 2014) by winning over Viswanathan Ananad by 6.5 to 4.5 on his favor at the end of 11th Match. Anand was trailing by 1 point at the end of 10th game and he had to catch up Carlsen either on 11th Game with Black or 12th Game with White to take the score at equality. Vishy tried to give a push on his 11th game with a calculated exchange sack on 27th Move but, with accurate play Carlsen could prove Anand wrong. However, this was very interesting Championship altogether as each of the game could bring some exciting moment to the chess world. Vishy had displayed his well prepared opening preparation(3rd game was fascinating) as well as his tremendous endgame understanding (7th Game lasts till 122 moves) but, at the end Carlsen could prove himself as the winner of the World Chess Championship 2014 at Sochi, Russia.